Thursday, 15 August 2019

Off The Beaten Track

In order to get the creative writing juices flowing one has to have the right atmosphere. Although my ideas for my books can strike like lightning, most of the hard work of creating first drafts then the numerous stages to get from character and story development to a finished manuscript require steadfast discipline and determination. This takes time and focus but it should be an enjoyable experience and one to cherish. I do my fair share of writing in cafes and quiet bars, often in the locations that provided the original spark of an idea.

I also return to my home in Littleborough where I created a beautiful garden to complement the inspiring views I have on every side.

It always looks good throughout all the seasons and, when writing my more morbid chapters, it serves as a good grounding influence.

Sunsets are spectacular. The natural light is eventually replaced by moonlight, stars and the twinkling of society in the distance.

The correct mindset requires the correct location.

Even in the coldest months I find inspiration around me, off the beaten track. As this summer draws into Autumn I am working on a new novel but I'm also balancing the time writing with thoroughly enjoying what I have around me. There comes a point when one has to appreciate what years of hard work has accomplished. I intend to enjoy every minute.


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