Monday, 26 November 2018

Autumn in Lancashire

View from my Littleborough garden
I'm currently working on a new novel and undecided which direction I should take it in. Autumn in a good time for reflection. Winter and the countdown to Xmas and a new year are just around the corner but I'm not quite ready to rush into them. I'm enjoying a beautiful Autumn in my home village, Littleborough in Lancashire and using time spent during my travels around it and farther afield to decide where my new novel will go.

View from the bottom of my garden
This is one of my favourite places in my garden to sit and take it all in. Also, a great place to read. I took this photo a week ago. The evening pink sunsets are spectacular.

One of my recent travels brought me this chap. I call him my house spirit and he now has pride of place next to my front door.
It is the season to read. The nights have drawn-in and temperatures are slowly dropping so there's nothing like curling up with a good book or three!

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