Tuesday, 10 April 2018


A huge thank you to all the people in the UK and USA who visited Amazon over the Easter holidays to buy 'Crushing Curiosity.' I now look forward to reading your reviews.

An apt gift for a writer.
Spring has at last arrived and despite swings of extreme weather I've thoroughly enjoyed the month of March. I was particularly pleased to receive a present, a card, from a market stall owner at Todmorden. He makes them. I'd been puzzling over a chapter I was writing and wasn't sure which way it should go but this gift pushed me in the right direction. Small acts of kindness usually come just at the right time.

The month of April is a particularly busy one for me. I will, I hope, have news of two of my books being published soon.

Once again, thank you for adding my thriller 'Crushing Curiosity' to your book collection. While its still windy and raining outside you can curl up in a chair to enjoy it.

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