Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Christmas Candle

Last night I declared the beginning of my festive holiday which meant leaving my work on a new novel in a good place so that I can take it up again after Christmas. The question is: Will I be able to ignore it that long?
Once I'm fully immersed in new characters and their story then it is a difficult thing to do but... I have family commitments and my calendar is full for next week too.
My characters are whispering to me to join them in their journey and there is a kind of magic in that. At this time of year in particular the magic of being able to step into a literary world of "anything can happen" appeals to the parts of me that are still a seven-year-old child sitting on a window ledge and reading. My one wish then? To be able to make someone else feel exactly how I felt at that moment when reading about Mrs. Pepperpot's adventures. A wish I wasn't able to see realised until much later in life.
At my recent book launch of Crushed in Ireland a member of the audience said that I was like two people - one was the older woman benefiting from a long business career and the other was the seven-year-old. Her observation intrigued me. She was correct. My older side is nurturing the little girl who still sits on the window ledge. An example of this is in the brief story I wrote for the Dec/Jan edition of The Link magazine. I hope you enjoy my last Christmas story of the month. Merry Christmas!
The Christmas Candle by Denise Greenwood, The Link Magazine

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