Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Unlocking David McAdam

Traditional romance stories tend to leave me cold. I could perhaps name only a handful which will pass the test of time. It was refreshing therefore to read an unusual story by David McAdam and after I'd finished reviewing it I was interested in asking the author what makes him tick.

Born in Scotland, David McAdam spent some six years working with the homeless in a major English city. As well as bringing his life's experience and common sense to bear upon the work he also applied insights derived from studying social psychology, sociology and social policy. His interests include art, music (especially The Beatles) and current affairs.

What made you want to write?
I've been interesting in writing for as long as I can remember. I used to produce comic strips as an academy pupil. As an adult I began writing short stories for my own muse. It was only after I'd left my work with the homeless did I realised there was a book in me based on that world.

What's different about your book?
It is 'faction' rather than fiction even though identities are protected and locations have changed. It is naked in its representation of the world in which vulnerable homeless men and women and their support structure exists. It is highly emotional reminding the reader just how fragile life is. It has a different love-interest. The unrequited love between the two central characters trembles throughout then finally explodes in a frenzy of brute passion upon a barren, sea battered wall emphasising the nakedness and vulnerability of their world.

How important is humour?
Despite the books overriding theme of vulnerability humour is added to bring light relief in certain of the story's episodes. The humour is wry, pedestrian and lavatorial in places.

Do you just write novels?
I have written short plays and reflections on my life, particularly my youth and childhood. I 've also written for Open University's Society Matters and had an essay on colour blindness included in a language textbook.

Who influenced you?
I cannot pin-point any author who influenced me to write. Possessed with a creative psychology I realised early-on that I could paint pictures with words as well as with paint.
LINK TO David McAdam - Artist

So what's next?
Swineabbey (a fictitious market town somewhere in England) is my next project. It deals with the metaphysical and paranormal and is subtitled 'where one man's future never is'. It opens with a disturbing encounter that provides a recurring backdrop to the life story of the central character Eugene.






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