Tuesday, 10 April 2018


A huge thank you to all the people in the UK and USA who visited Amazon over the Easter holidays to buy 'Crushing Curiosity.' I now look forward to reading your reviews.

An apt gift for a writer.
Spring has at last arrived and despite swings of extreme weather I've thoroughly enjoyed the month of March. I was particularly pleased to receive a present, a card, from a market stall owner at Todmorden. He makes them. I'd been puzzling over a chapter I was writing and wasn't sure which way it should go but this gift pushed me in the right direction. Small acts of kindness usually come just at the right time.

The month of April is a particularly busy one for me. I will, I hope, have news of two of my books being published soon.

Once again, thank you for adding my thriller 'Crushing Curiosity' to your book collection. While its still windy and raining outside you can curl up in a chair to enjoy it.

Friday, 30 March 2018


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“Some people have a disposition for the macabre. Some prefer fantasy to an unfulfilling existence.  Some find that a single moment injects itself into their lives repeatedly until all they live for is that moment. Is that me?”
In this extraordinary thriller an unnatural obsession drives a man to pursue his perfect victim not realizing it is about to change his whole world. A chance encounter with a young woman challenges his patience, perspective and strict lifestyle. Misunderstandings transform the relationship between two unique characters while they both face dangers neither suspect.
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I look forward to reading your reviews

Monday, 5 March 2018

February Lessons 2018

So.....What did I learn during February 2018?

The word 'No' is one of the most powerful words in our vocabulary. As children we are taught not to say it but once we embrace it as adults we can change our lives, our self-confidence, relationships, social media, politics.
I learned about 'folly' by reading 'Buddenbrooks' by Thomas Mann. It was thoroughly depressing, portraying lives not fully lived by following social status perceptions. I then went on to read 'Letters from Henry Miller to Hoki Tokuda Miller' and saw the folly of an old man's infatuation with a much younger woman and then his bitter disillusionment. I'm working my way through all the unread books gathering dust on my bookshelf.
In an attempt to be a little more upbeat I watched the film 'The Dressmaker' - quirky, entertaining but captures the worst in people. The protagonist's revenge was amusing but disturbing. My attempt to be upbeat left a sour taste so I then watched 'Room' - very disturbing but made me look at everyday life through fresh eyes and so ironically, I ended up feeling content and grateful.

I discovered that the Helleborus flowers in my garden were said to be good for breaking bad spells and curses, so were often planted next to the front door. 
Helleborus in my garden
Then, the Beast from the East hit the UK (follow this link for a brief look at what happened at the back of my home). LINK TO BEAST FROM THE EAST VIDEO  I had four days of snow blizzards, 90 miles-per-hour winds, -11 temperatures and then ice. It began to thaw yesterday and to my utter surprise my helleborus look as fresh as when they first bloomed despite being buried under a foot of snowdrift. There's nothing like a bit of extreme weather to focus the mind. I got a lot of work done and had the bonus of some quality time with my family.

Would you prefer to be in the mind of a killer or his ideal victim? Why not try both? My psychological thriller 'Crushing Curiosity' is more than a chase. It's a journey into boundaries.

A thriller to keep you guessing

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A Journey from Real Life to Psychological Thriller

Thriller 'Crushing Curiosity' is based in Mistlethrop, a fictitious town in South Yorkshire, England but I spent many an hour in a real town, Halifax in Yorkshire, hunting down the perfect locations for my characters and their story.
This is my local train station and it is also where one of my main protagonists, Caprice, embarks on a perilous journey into a nightmare situation. I took this on the day I was about to take the train to Halifax so that I could then take Caprice's first steps.
Littleborough train station, inspiration for thriller, Crushing Curiosity
This is the road where Caprice struggles to escape two men who followed her after her train was forced to stop at Mistlethrop.
Halifax, South Yorkshire - Inspiration for thriller 'Crushing Curiosity'
By following the road above then turning, you come to the entrance to the Piece Hall. I used something similar for the gated entrance barring Caprice's way of escape and I also used its fine examples of white Yorkshire roses later for the place she was taken to, Radburn House.
The entrance gate to the old Piece Hall, Halifax - Thriller, Crushing Curiosity
The shop where Caprice catches Barri buying chokers for his next victims was located here.
Piece Hall, Halifax - inspiration for thriller, Crushing Curiosity
A slight change of location here. I found this playground on one of my travels and I thought of it as I wrote the scenes for the children playing opposite Radburn House.
Aberystwyth, Wales - inspiration for thriller, Crushing Curiosity
Whitby, I didn't have to change the name of this town. This is where my villain, Barrington, embarked on his own journey to finally decide what he was going to do with Caprice, his ideal victim.
Whitby swing-bridge - inspiration for thriller, Crushing Curiosity
The wall of clocks. Barrington collected his own, stopped exactly at the time when each of his victims died. The shop owner was most polite when I explained I needed a photo and why.
These are just a few of my memories, my moments of inspiration and they were kept at my side as I wrote my book. They added the sense of reality I was then able to instil in my characters, their locations and what happens there.


Monday, 19 February 2018

NEW FOR 2018

Coming in 2018.....

Devil's Pursuits - crime suspense with a twist

Death and scandal plague the proud owner of a bistro, his restless staff and strange customers. Are their problems due to murder, accidents or the result of a peculiar game?

Devil May Care -  running from the devil may lead you right to him

As a story of intrigue and misunderstandings revolves around him, one man reaches for the divine, but at what price?

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

December 2017

December has been a strange month.
First, I was told about internet neutrality laws and how they could change in the US on the 18th. Here in the UK, few people know or are concerned by this but, they could be if we are no longer under European neutrality law. A lot of people have made a lot of money from the internet since it began and it seems to me that allowing internet providers to decide if they can charge customers extra for using the sites on the internet they've come to rely on is a game-changer. It got me thinking.
I remember the days before mobile phones and the internet. Would people be able to live without them now? For some people a mobile would be just for phone calls only....imagine that? How would the changes also affect authors selling their books via Amazon Kindle? Would people be willing to pay monthly to have access to Amazon? Of course, this could all be a storm in a teacup, we will have to see; interesting to think about though, isn't it?
Then, the question of Christmas preparations reared its head way too early. I made lists, one thing I try to avoid but it was necessary. It's a fine art to then spread the preparations evenly over three weeks so that I don't become so sick of them that the big day itself seems like another chore and loses its meaning.
Last week I was dangerously close to perceiving my Xmas as another long slog of hard work then, something changed my mind. Last Friday I was putting our bins out when I heard a child's voice. Our house is quite high up with spectacular views. Somewhere in the valley below, outside one of the houses, a small child was singing "Away In A Manger" and it was drifting up to my garden. I stopped to listen and laughed because some of it was out of tune but nevertheless, it was quite a magical moment. It was the pure innocence of the child's voice, without a care who heard or whether it was out of tune or not. I felt Christmassy.
Over recent weeks, whenever I've turned on the TV news or looked at it on my phone, I've been amazed how nonsensical everything seems to be. I wonder what kind of society we will become if people are so incensed by everything as they seem to be now? Politics has become a farce, cultures are being eroded, there's finger-pointing everywhere. The whole world seems to be in a Mexican standoff (am I even allowed to describe it this way anymore?). 
This week, I remember that small child's voice. It put everything into perspective. So far, December has been a month of contrasts and the two photos I took of the view from my garden illustrate one aspect of this month's change. I know, though, that my current wintry view will change back to warm hues. Can the same be said about how the world, society is changing around us?
1st Dec, 2017 - the view from my Littleborough garden

10th Dec, 2017 - the view from my bedroom balcony