Thursday, 3 January 2019

Another Happy Reader

Review from Amazon US

It's always great to end the year on a good note so thank you to the US reader who took the time to post a great review of my thriller Crushing Curiosity on Amazon and Goodreads.

I wish all my readers (old and new) a very Happy New Year! 😊🙌

Friday, 28 December 2018

Paperback / Kindle only £1.22. US Kindle $1.54

Are you fed-up with TV over the festive/New Year period? Then dare you live the day of a killer and his next victim?

Paperback / Kindle ONLY £1.22. US Kindle $1.54

In this extraordinary thriller a man with an unnatural obsession yearns for a perfect victim but a chance encounter then challenges his patience, perspective and strict lifestyle. Misunderstandings transform a deadly relationship between two unique characters while they both face danger neither suspect.
This disconcerting story will provoke your emotions as the killer's personality is revealed and his victim's true plight is uncovered.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

FREE KINDLES from 22nd to 26th December 2018 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The first 2 books of my saga are now FREE on Kindle from 22nd until 26th December 2018. If you have bought a Kindle or other reading device for your loved ones this Christmas then why not download my free books on their device as an extra gift.

These are the GIFS that keep on giving.



The Devil Books Saga of Triumph over Adversity can be read in any order and as a stand-alone cautionary tales

When ten-year-old Cory Farris causes a stir at a funeral, his behavior is misinterpreted and sparks a cascade of events that change the lives of everyone he meets. In spite of his naivety and awkward manner, he finds that as he matures, people are drawn to his quiet ways and he shares their ordeals, all except one, an old enemy who has shown only hostility. A menacing young man of the cloth loses his faith in humanity - until that is, he is drawn to the place where Cory and his new allies will witness his ultimate and satirical battle with the devil. Cory will soon discover that an old enemy's cry for help can also be misinterpreted. People are not what they seem but redemption and change can be found in the strangest of places.

As a small bistro is plagued by a string of mysterious deaths and a redeemed man of the cloth continues his quest to find his place in the world, Cory once again finds himself surrounded by peculiar people with hidden agendas. In the midst of it all, a beautiful but troubled young woman ignites the passions of everyone she meets then disappears. A mystery unravels as Cory navigates his way through intrigue, scandal and death.

In this extraordinary thriller a man with an unnatural obsession is in pursuit of his perfect victim. A chance encounter with a young woman then challenges his patience, perspective and strict lifestyle. Misunderstandings transform the relationship between two unique characters while they both face danger neither suspect. This disconcerting story will provoke your emotions as the killer’s personality is revealed and his victim’s plight is uncovered.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Beaten Track - December 18

It is one of my favourite times of year when I get to visit some of the Christmas markets just a short drive away from my home. I finished my Xmas shopping yesterday and I can finally say that I am just getting into the festive mood. Family comes first at this time of year and so I will down my pen until the new year (or try to!). This is easier said than done.
Gordon Riggs Xmas Market 2018

The first market I went to was at a local garden centre just at the Yorkshire/Lancashire border. It was only a small affair. I loved the vintage truck on display.

Brighouse Market
The second Xmas market was at Brighouse, one of my favourite places. The street markets are always good here. I was surprised to discover this chap there. The sound effects and dinosaur body movements were impressive.

Halifax Piece Hall Xmas Marktet
The third market was at Halifax, the town where I found my inspiration for writing my third book, Crushing Curiosity. I must admit I was very disappointed with the Xmas market. There were only 30 stalls and mostly offering hot food and drinks at high prices. The newly renovated Piece Hall could have been home to a much better market.

View from my Littleborough kitchen window
I always enjoy coming home after a day of browsing the markets. This photo was taken from my kitchen window while I enjoyed a mug of hot tea. I just love the sky at this time of year and, living so high up, I can look down at all the twinkling lights. As the houses in the distance decorate for Xmas this view will change to include neon blues and twinkling cyan.
The biggest surprise this year was a new addition to my family. Meet Woody. He is almost six months old and a bundle of love and mischief. I can't wait for our Christmas morning walk.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

So Enthralled, a reader missed their train station stop.

The first reviews of the Devil Books saga of triumph over adversity are on Amazon.

Devil May Care
"An excellent read; very enthralling."

"Complex and thought provoking."

"The story focuses on the lives of prime characters, unfolding a rich tapestry of each, with unique personalities."

"An engrossing piece of contemporary fiction; the author manages to captivate the reader making this a book you just don't want to put down. I can highly recommend this book."

Link to Devil May Care

Devil's Pursuits
"This is the second book in the author's trilogy, furthering the first to new levels. It continues the theme of the heroes from the first whilst introducing new characters with strange behaviours, tense relationships and sinister and intriguing undertones."

"Skilfully portrayed and enriched with dark humour."

"I was so enthralled with how event were unfolding, whilst reading on the train, I inadvertently missed my stop by 2 stations!"

Link to Devil's Pursuits on Amazon

Monday, 26 November 2018

Autumn in Lancashire

View from my Littleborough garden
I'm currently working on a new novel and undecided which direction I should take it in. Autumn in a good time for reflection. Winter and the countdown to Xmas and a new year are just around the corner but I'm not quite ready to rush into them. I'm enjoying a beautiful Autumn in my home village, Littleborough in Lancashire and using time spent during my travels around it and farther afield to decide where my new novel will go.

View from the bottom of my garden
This is one of my favourite places in my garden to sit and take it all in. Also, a great place to read. I took this photo a week ago. The evening pink sunsets are spectacular.

One of my recent travels brought me this chap. I call him my house spirit and he now has pride of place next to my front door. In the photo he is bestowing his blessing on the new postcards of my Devil Books Saga.
My house spirit
Devil Books Saga

It is the season to read. The nights have drawn-in and temperatures are slowly dropping so there's nothing like curling up with a good book or three!

CLICK HERE for.... Books to become lost in for Autumn and Winter