Star Keeper

Star Keeper by Denise Greenwood, Contemporary Fiction

One man toys with the lives of his victims. Perverse and calculating, he enjoys the discomfort of others.
Peeping Toms and a red-headed temptress are just a few of the unique characters in a strange story of death and scandal.
Provocative, moving and witty. A sequel to the author's first novel TEMPTATION but stands alone as an entertaining and poignant story. 

Life Beyond Temptation
"A sophisticated piece of writing"
 "Star keeper's title alludes to the heavenly figure of Dr Seldon, the star keeper in the musical Carousel. In the novel this figure exists in ethereal rather than heavenly form albeit with a similar re-uniting commission. The book contains in part the continuing stories and developments of characters from Temptation. Then, there are new characters particularly Kim, Caprice and the sinister Mephisto who make up an interesting triangle of conflict.  Caprice is an interesting study in human contradiction. Moreover the tense relationship between her and Kim is revelatory. Besides the star keeper’s ethereal form, for me Mephisto is another more material star keeper in a sense, the unlikely one for Jacob. In him the reverend is faced with a compelling temptation. Will he succumb? I’m not saying. Threading its way through the various conflicts throughout the story is suspected foul play pursued hungrily by McBates. The background to this and the threads of the other conflicts are skilfully drawn together towards the end leaving the reader both satisfied and hungry for more. All in all the novel is a sophisticated piece of writing that engages the mind from start to finish. I highly recommend you read Temptation first then this splendid sequel."

Another excellent read
"After Denise Greewood's excellent debut 'Temptation' , I was particular keen to read her second publication 'Star Keeper', expecting perhaps to be slightly disappointed, having had the bar set so high for the first. Fear not, another excellent read building on the first, with evolving and new characters and refreshingly original. Well researched, imaginative yet believable. Now looking forward to the 3rd !"

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