Temptation by Denise Greenwood, Contemporary Fiction
In a story of misunderstandings, despair and elation one man touches the lives of everyone he meets but... is he a saint or a sinner?
In a small town a colourful cast of characters chase their dreams and face their demons.  Life is strange and for one young man it becomes a living nightmare. He loses his respect, love, faith and sanity as he faces his biggest challenge.
Ambition, recognition, money or... just the need to be heard and respected; the people at Cherries Café-Bar and an escapee from St. Jude's Church battle for what they think they deserve.

Truth Fears No Trial
"Written in supremely vivid style Temptation with its simple yet evocative cover design consisting of two ripe cherries was worth taking a deep bite from and savouring. The story’s carefully crafted structure opened briefly with darkness and chaos before immersing in the main and sub plots leading to light and calm by the end. From a panic stricken state of being to a composed state of decided triumph. Between these two poles the writer weaves a rich tapestry of interconnecting characters each brought to life with their own unique Personalities, weaknesses and strengths explored. The author’s vivid style is mana for the creative psyche. She employs every grammatical device at her disposal to create both visual and sound effects. The comedy is subtle, refreshingly pedestrian and unPC in places. Truth in its various manifestations is the story’s theme. Not just as a principle to be aware of but also as a state of being to be worn in the face of adversity. The bite of the cherry was worth it. I have been left hungry for more."

Unique, Risky & Brilliant
"This book is simply a great read. There are many different levels to this story with dark humour, drama and it has a unique nature. The story line and interesting characters will stay with you well after you finish the last page. Each of these characters have something or someone holding them back in their lives. This could be the past coming back to haunt them or them wanting to move forward and change but they don't know how to, each wondering if a risk is worth taking or not. If I had to sum up the book in three words, they would be Unique, Risky and Brilliant. The story is set out perfectly starting with a big event and ending with different events before giving the answer to whether risks are worth taking in life or not."

Review by Alison Hawn
"Denise Greenwood's darkly humorous and poignant work Temptation is a captivating read. The book immerses the reader into the lives of the characters as they both deal with their own inner struggles and find themselves intertwined in the stories of others. Denise's characters feel distinct and authentic, not just in their personal battles and desires, but in the way that they talk, react to one another and think. Temptation holds a reader's attention as each character's unique story unfolds to reveal new and deeper details that lend to a larger, compelling story. I would recommend Temptation to anyone who truly wants to lose themselves in a book for a while, I promise you will find yourself forgetting about the outside world entirely."