Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Littleborough Coach House - Meet the Author, Denise Greenwood

I spent last Saturday at the Coach House Littleborough as part of the local Arts Festival. I was there from 10am until 4pm but it seemed to fly by. I was in very good company as there was an Arts & Crafts fair around me and I got to meet some talented and dedicated people.

Denise Greenwood at the Coach House, Littleborough

Denise Greenwood with Tabatha Mellor

I was able to showcase my books and it was my pleasure to sign quite a few for people who came to the event. My thanks goes out especially to the people who travelled in specifically to see me and to the organisers of the event.
One lady had read all of my books and so I couldn't resist a selfie with her. Tabatha Mellor made my day.

What impressed me most about the day was that the people around me were almost like a community of old friends. Artists, demonstrators of book-binding and calligraphy, lace-making, hand-blown glass, woodwork...the list goes on. They made me feel really at home.
Sean Holsgrove, Artist

Sean Holsgrove, Artist, was great company and he had the table behind me. A talented and down-to-earth guy who is also a teacher. Where I live artists mostly dedicate their work to landscapes as the local scenery is breath-taking but it was great to see an artist with a more expanded repertoire. His art would appeal to all ages and it had an earthy, almost magical aura.

Book-binding & calligraphy at the Coach House, Littleborough
A dying art - lace-making
This lady's fingers on the right were busy all day as she demonstrated a dying art - lace-making. She told me that she was trying to attract people to her new evening class at St Mary's Centre, Littleborough (Weds 7-9pm) and she provides everything needed. But what I didn't realise was that these classes are also therapeutic. People talk about their week, their problems and have the chance to learn a skill that will help to calm the mind.

Artist and teacher at Hopwood Hall, Rochdale

Another inspirational lady on the left - an artist and teacher at Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale.

I also had the pleasure of seeing art made from old books. Who could have asked for a more perfect way to spend their Saturday?

Art created from an old book
Art created from an old book