Friday, 22 July 2016

Something Different for Your Weekend

To escape the gloom and doom of newsreels and if you like something "different" for your weekend then you can now read the opening to my novels Temptation and Star Keeper here...

Opening to Temptation by Denise Greenwood

Opening to Star Keeper by Denise Greenwood

I'll look forward to reading your reviews.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Summer Breeze - Littleborough & Shaw Magazine

This month's magazine story.
I carried around this idea in my notebook since last year. It came from a dream I had when longing to be on a sunny beach and listening to waves as they crashed on the sand. While writing it I found myself in a holiday mood and hoping the UK summer would be more than wet and humid. can't have everything but, you can dream. Enjoy!

Summer Breeze by Denise Greenwood, The Littleborough & Shaw Magazines

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Holiday Reading

I had a surprise recently when a feature on was brought to my attention by a friend. I've included a link below.
Feature on online magazine

It was then pleasing to see extra sales for my first two books Temptation and Star Keeper which are ideal reading for beach holidays and long travel treks this year. They're available as both paperback and Kindle. Bought together they cost the same as just one paperback from an airport store but their stories and characters will stay with you long after your holiday has ended.

Book One - Temptation by Denise Greenwood

Book Two - Star Keeper by Denise Greenwood. Sequel to Temptation