Friday, 3 June 2016

Latest News - Arts Festival and My Books

I'm pleased to be part of the Littleborough Arts Festival later this year which will take place from 15th to 22nd October. I'll be doing my bit on the 22nd and I'll post more news nearer the time. My home town attracts visitors and tourists at every time of the year but please make sure you pay a visit in October.

The festival will include a popular Open Arts Exhibition and Photographic Competition over a long weekend from 15th to 17th followed by a week of events including an Open Mic night, a Poetry Slam and an annual concert at St. Barnabas church with Project Jam Sandwich. There will also be a Lantern Parade and Craft Fair at the Coach House (more on all this later). But, new to all this is the addition of a fringe series of events and exhibitions throughout my local area. This will include theatre at Hare Hill House and Ebor Open Studios. More events and venues will be added.

St Barnabas was the inspiration for the church in my first book "Temptation." It is a beautiful gem steeped in history and hidden from the centre of Littleborough.  Nearby Hare Hill House and its small park also inspired a character and scene from my second book "Star Keeper." I pass these places every day and I see how they can look so different with each season but being a writer I was able to conjure their darker sides so that they become places of terror.

Thank you to the readers who are still buying my first two books "Temptation" and its sequel "Star Keeper." My third book "Crushed" is currently only available on Amazon, Kobo and selected stores in Ireland but I'm pleased to say it will be launched in the UK in 2017. I'm also working on my next book and continue to write stories for The Littleborough, Shaw and Crompton Magazines.

St. Barnabas, Littleborough
Me outside Hare Hill House, Hare Hill Park, Littlleborough