Friday, 4 March 2016

Crushed - News

My publisher informed me that my new suspense thriller Crushed will be in 60+ stores nationally in Ireland by the end of this month and it will also be available at Amazon before it comes to the UK this year.

A few lucky readers have already received copies.

Suzie Tullett is a romance novelist and was featured on my blog last year.

Novelist, Suzie Tullett
Bonnie Haigh is from Toronto, Canada. I had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie yesterday and sharing not only a delicious lunch at The Wine Press, Hollingworth Lake but also a walk in the drizzly rain. Bonnie is staying at Blackstone Edge in Northern England  for a few weeks and she is near to my home. She'd brought her copies of my first two novels Temptation and Star Keeper with her so that I could sign them. Of course, Bonnie got a copy of Crushed too. What an interesting and inspiring lady!