Thursday, 25 February 2016

Crushed - Chilling Romance and Thriller

I'm awaiting details of the launch of my new chilling thriller CRUSHED in the UK. In the meantime I'm busy writing my next book and now I'm drawn to the darker side of life it will be as unique as Crushed in that there will be nothing out there like it.

I was asked recently by a friend how I would describe Crushed. It didn't take me long to say that it was a chilling thriller to keep you guessing until the end but also a chilling romance. What if you met what you thought was a strange but ideal man but he is something unimaginable? What if the man thought he had met his perfect victim then she tests everything  - his way of life, his compulsions, his patience then finally his fa├žade of sanity?

I hope Crushed will be launched in the UK during 2016, if not then it will be published in the UK and quickly followed by my next novel during 2017. For now...I'm thoroughly enjoying the writing process and allowing my new characters to find dangerous paths to follow.

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