Monday, 25 January 2016

Borough Buzz Radio - RochdaleTV

Towards the end of last year I was interviewed for the Rochdale TV channel - Borough Buzz Radio and it went live last week.

It was a memorable day and Dawn, their Creative Director really put me at my ease. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Happy New Year

The New Year is now underway and I haven't wasted a second of it. Having enjoyed Christmas with friends and family I opened my laptop and continued to write my next book. I'd deliberately hidden it away during the festive period but that wasn't enough. Like any addict I was soon drawn to my next story's dark characters and plot. The laptop didn't stay hidden for long. The writing process is addictive but not as much as the lure of delving into the lives and perspectives of my characters as they drive a plot forwards.

I read yesterday that quantum physicians are now examining how human thought and awareness impact upon events and physical reality... an intriguing notion but... how many times have you heard the expression: 'they brought it upon themselves' when listening to people discussing someone's misfortune or: 'they knew what they wanted from the start' when discussing achievements? Has Karma got a place in science? Will Jung's "collective consciousness" be proved to be a science fact in the future?

When writing new characters I am a great believer in this: 'people create their own trouble when they choose to hone-in on it' and of course it leads me to develop layers upon layers in my plots. It is a pity in real life that the trouble-makers of this world are often seen to "get away with it" or they attract like-thinkers in their quest for further mischief. However, in recent years I've observed how karma does indeed seek out the people who create pockets of their own little realities in which they live and it has been great for me as a writer and as a person. It has restored my suspicion that there is indeed more to our lives than what we use our five senses to experience. My jury is currently out on whether a divine power has exercised discretion to right wrongs. If so, then that power has a lot to do around the world currently.

2016! What will it bring or more importantly, what will I bring to it? Looking at my new diary then I already know where I'll be and what I'll be doing commitment-wise for most of it. At least I have January to write and prepare. This view from my garden helps.
View from my garden after New Year