Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Music, Lights.... Action!

So much for thinking a writer's life is one of introverted focus!
When I wrote my first novel Temptation, a personal exercise meant for my eyes only, little did I think a few years later I'd do half the things I've recently been asked to. A couple of weeks ago I'd returned from my ten-day book launch in Ireland knowing that I had just my commitment to the Outsiders On The Fringe Festival to fulfil and then? I could step back into the shadows and get back to writing my new novel. Instead, I've felt like I was standing centre-stage waiting for a director to shout: "Music, lights.... action!" It's a strange experience to see my name in magazines and newspapers and even stranger to see people sharing the details of my new thriller online.

This week I've seen a full page feature about me appear on page 44 of the Winter Style magazine. Steve Cooke, the director of All Across The Arts wrote a piece about me in my local newspaper and a review of CRUSHED appeared in The Local Link magazine. My Irish readers are already posting reviews of CRUSHED online so I now know that all the hours of editing and perfecting my latest novel were worth it.
Rochdale Observer - Denise Greenwood + Steve Cooke
The Local Link magazine, review of CRUSHED