Thursday, 12 November 2015

Under the Spotlight

In order to make sure I have a smooth journey with connecting flights tomorrow I'll be leaving early in the morning and I can't wait. I'm looking forward immensely  to the launch of Crushed as a paperback in Ireland before it comes to the UK early 2016. I've already noticed that the eBook formats are being prepared for purchase during the coming weeks.

This is an exciting week and the tension is mounting. I was interviewed by two successful authors and their questions were challenging but I thoroughly enjoyed answering them. A huge thank you to Caron Allan and Suzie Tullett!

You can read my interviews by following the links below: -

Author Interview with Denise Greenwood - Caron Allan Fiction

Author Interview with Denise Greenwood - Suzie Tullett  

Follow me on Twitter at deniseGauthor to see what I get up to in Ireland. I hope to speak with as many Irish readers as I can so if you see me in Kerry at any time, at Killarney Library on the 17th (6-8pm), Eason's bookstore at Killarney from noon or Fells Point Hotel in Tralee on the 21st (6-8pm) then come and seek me out and we can have a chat.