Thursday, 22 October 2015

Outsiders on the Fringe Festival

I am just managing to keep my head above water but find that when I think that something I have to do will take five minutes it doesn't, it takes hours. However, the reverse is also true and just as I think time is running away from me then a task I thought would take hours takes just a few minutes to complete. Swings and roundabouts are keeping me on track and as I navigate my way through a thousand-and-one things to do I still managed to write another chapter of the novel I'm working on and prepare for my upcoming radio interviews and author event.

It is time now to let you know the details of my night at the Outsiders on the Fringe Festival. I promise an interesting evening.
Outsiders on the Fringe Festival at Rochdale organized by All Across the Arts - fringe to the Rochdale Literature & Ideas Festival.