Thursday, 17 September 2015

After a long weekend

Me and Joy Mutter
Two weekends ago I decided to close my laptop and spend some quality time with friends. It has been an intense summer and before autumn hits I wanted to take a well-earned break. Autumn and winter are going to be busy seasons. I spent a day with my old friend Linda Stannard and we shared a bottle of wine over a very long lunch. I also spent a day with Joy Mutter, an author friend (erotic fiction and now writing crime - her stories would make your hair stand on end and I don't mean the hair on your head!). It was great to discuss the intricacies of our calling which I'm sure would be meaningless to most folk.
I must have had too much of a good thing because soon after I came down with a horrendous cold virus and unfortunately Joy came down with it too but Linda escaped it. Until yesterday I struggled but I immersed myself in writing and now have the first three chapters of a new novel. It's title will come to me at some point although I already have possibilities.
New Novel (title to be determined) by Denise Greenwood

The thing about writing is that illness doesn't have to stop the work-flow. It may be painful to look at a laptop screen through streaming eyes but I have been known to wear sunglasses during a particularly bad cold. A laptop can be carried to a bed or the couch and plenty of cuppas help.

Today I'm feeling fighting-fit and its almost like being given a fresh start. I can feel my former enthusiasm and drive returning ten-fold.
My son just reminded me that there are 14 weeks until Xmas so I'm making it my mission to write as much as I can of my new novel as well as juggle my commitments elsewhere. I find that daily word quotas and strict targets are counter-productive to my creative flow. Some days I can spend a few hours ensuring that two pages say exactly what I want them to say and other days I can write a whole chapter in the same amount of time - swings and roundabouts. 

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