Sunday, 20 September 2015

CRUSHED - Book Cover Reveal

I am extremely happy to announce that my book CRUSHED, a chilling thriller, will be published by Purple Pumpkin Publishing in November 2015.

A young boy develops an unnatural obsession and grows into a killer then finds his perfect victim.
His chance encounter with a young woman challenges his patience, rigid perspective and strict lifestyle as he struggles to maintain his fa├žade.

Two people play with fire but who is the flame and who is the match?
Misunderstandings transform the relationship between two unique characters while they both face danger neither suspect.

A conspiracy of external threats forces the protagonist to change, pushing him to the edge of reason before experiencing a shock that alters him and impacts everyone around him. You will be taken into a number of directions as the killer’s personality is revealed and his victim’s plight and intentions are uncovered.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

After a long weekend

Me and Joy Mutter
Two weekends ago I decided to close my laptop and spend some quality time with friends. It has been an intense summer and before autumn hits I wanted to take a well-earned break. Autumn and winter are going to be busy seasons. I spent a day with my old friend Linda Stannard and we shared a bottle of wine over a very long lunch. I also spent a day with Joy Mutter, an author friend (erotic fiction and now writing crime - her stories would make your hair stand on end and I don't mean the hair on your head!). It was great to discuss the intricacies of our calling which I'm sure would be meaningless to most folk.
I must have had too much of a good thing because soon after I came down with a horrendous cold virus and unfortunately Joy came down with it too but Linda escaped it. Until yesterday I struggled but I immersed myself in writing and now have the first three chapters of a new novel. It's title will come to me at some point although I already have possibilities.
New Novel (title to be determined) by Denise Greenwood

The thing about writing is that illness doesn't have to stop the work-flow. It may be painful to look at a laptop screen through streaming eyes but I have been known to wear sunglasses during a particularly bad cold. A laptop can be carried to a bed or the couch and plenty of cuppas help.

Today I'm feeling fighting-fit and its almost like being given a fresh start. I can feel my former enthusiasm and drive returning ten-fold.
My son just reminded me that there are 14 weeks until Xmas so I'm making it my mission to write as much as I can of my new novel as well as juggle my commitments elsewhere. I find that daily word quotas and strict targets are counter-productive to my creative flow. Some days I can spend a few hours ensuring that two pages say exactly what I want them to say and other days I can write a whole chapter in the same amount of time - swings and roundabouts. 

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Review Heaven

I'm pleased to see that my books are selling and new 5-star reviews are being posted on Amazon, both sides of the Pond. I read somewhere that Amazon reviews are advantageous for authors as they can elevate their books in the queue for advertising.  Of course advertising helps to sell more books but reviews are important personally to me. They give a rubber-stamp approval that a reader has taken the time not only to buy one of my books and then read it but also to voice how much they enjoyed the story and characters. A huge thank you to all the readers who provided the following: -
Temptation - Amazon Reviews

Star Keeper - Amazon reviews