Thursday, 16 July 2015

Value in words

The value of a good review is immeasurable. It materialises out of the ether to send a signal to me that someone, somewhere has read one of my books and thoroughly enjoyed it. And...they went on to buy the next book.

TEMPTATION received a wonderful review on Amazon (Kindle Edition) and I've included parts of it below.

Written in supremely vivid style Temptation with its simple yet evocative cover design consisting of two ripe cherries was worth taking a deep bite from and savouring.
Besides its vividness the story’s carefully crafted structure reminded me of Mussorgsky’s Night on a Bare Mountain – opening briefly with darkness and chaos before immersing in the main and sub plots leading to light and calm by the end. Between these two poles the writer weaves a rich tapestry of interconnecting characters each brought to life with their own unique personalities, weaknesses and strengths explored.
The author’s vivid style is mana for the creative psyche. She employs every grammatical device at her disposal to create both visual and sound effects. The comedy is subtle, refreshingly pedestrian and un-PC in places. The writer evidently knows her subject writing from experience in worlds so descriptively detailed yet far apart in ethos. The setting is contemporary and the writing mercifully free from clich├ęs and stereotyping.
I haven’t read a novel for years preferring instead current affairs and biographical genres. In Temptation the bite of the cherry was worth it. I have been left hungry for more. To this end I have discovered that there is a follow up – Star Keeper, which I have duly purchased.

A huge thank you to the Reviewer.

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