Monday, 13 July 2015

The Local Link

I was asked on Friday to be the story writer for The Local Link magazine. It is a UK magazine and more importantly it is delivered free to 10,000 homes in my local area - Littleborough, Smithybridge, Wardle Village, Shaw, Higher Crompton and Tandle Hill.

The Local Link magazine is a valuable contribution to the residents and businesses in these areas. Delivered monthly, it provides residents with news of local activities, seasonal activities, places to take the kids, where to eat and now, my stories will be printed on a dedicated page. It also provides residents with Ads for local tradesmen and businesses. I myself have used it on many an occasion for this purpose and last week I spoke to a satellite engineer who said he gets a quarter of his business from it (by the way - his wife is also reading my books).

From a writer's perspective, being part of this magazine is a valuable connection to readers but personally, it is also more meaningful. My stories are being read by people I pass in the street and I feel closer to my readers. People now tell me their stories and so the tradition of passing on histories and moments that mattered continues.