Thursday, 9 July 2015

An Unlikely Spot for Lightning

Where my novel TEMPTATION was born
I remember it vividly. It was a Monday morning and I took the shortcut through the graveyard and then again later when I returned home. It was such a peaceful autumn morning that I took a seat. I watched shafts of sunlight try to touch the ground but it only got as far as the tree tops. Three crows were flapping and shouting nearby.

I was hit by lightning, not literally although literature would later be its theme. I had a vision of a man standing upon a stage and looking out but not seeing what was in front of him. He was in the dark and facing his demons.
The gravel path

The day before I'd sat in a pew; the religion of my youth long gone. I'd been asked to attend the Sunday Mass although the church was not of my childhood faith. I'd listened to the Reverend's sermon and heard some unsavoury comments about the man and his sermon from behind me then my mind had wandered and snippets from Wordsworth's The Prelude had come to me.
"The human nature into which I felt I belonged...was not a punctual presence, but a spirit diffused though time and space."
That had been the first strike. I'd thought of the words but seen a man from my past and his struggle on a stage while he faced his audience.

The second strike... The following day, while sat on a bench in a graveyard, it came to me - TEMPTATION. I saw it's beginning, it's journey and it's end. I returned home to write. The words spilt across a laptop screen and the story began to write itself. I felt like the vessel through which the words were poured. I suppose that is the closest I ever got to having a religious experience. For me, writing is a revelation, a faith, a look into the unknown then finding salvation. It is now my daily Mass.

Temptation - my first #book followed by Star Keeper. COMING SOON - CRUSHED.
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