Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Submerged in the Publicity Ocean

Part of an author's work is marketing, particularly publicity which takes a front seat just after a book has been published. It is a necessary evil in a world of "the next best thing" and so much choice that it overwhelms a potential reader. The same can be said about our food - there is so much choice when one walks through the aisles of a supermarket and yet people are drawn to fast-food because its cheaper or it's quicker, hence our pandemic of obesity and ill-health.

The comparison is harsh, I know but can it also be said about reading? With so much choice, price cuts, freebies, quick-reads - are they the easier option and do they provide the protein for our equilibrium? Our languages and words are now dumbed-down with text-speak and it's entered our everyday sentences. Libraries are closing, school-children are no longer given an external library enrolment and rely on their school libraries which offer the same fast-food children's books as well as the classic so guess which ones the kids usually go for?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for a writer to get their work out there. It joins a vast ocean of white noise and goods on offer. Publicity is vital and it depends on the author how much they wish to be involved and if it settles well with their lives, their other job or their family quality-time.

And so I am incredibly busy being swallowed by the publicity ocean but I'm pleased to say that one new website has offered me a small bay in which to anchor a piece of my publicity.