Thursday, 25 June 2015

Out and About

After an early morning walk today and signing another two books for a reader while enjoying a cuppa with her, I've arrived back home to find I now have an article on my local website Littleborough Local.

It's good to reach one's local community which has grown considerably from the 2,000+ inhabitants when I first moved here some 20+ years ago. What was once a small village at the foot of the Pennines is now a busy, thriving town of 6,000+ and growing!

Littleborough Local provide an excellent service to its community by providing news often within minutes of it happening as well as pointing people towards many of the local services and businesses which depend on the community supporting them. I'm pleased to now be part of the website's service for the next few months.


If a reader takes the time to purchase and read my books then the least I can do is sign them when asked to. I now have to remember to carry a pen with me at all times. HAPPY READING.