Thursday, 25 June 2015

Out and About

After an early morning walk today and signing another two books for a reader while enjoying a cuppa with her, I've arrived back home to find I now have an article on my local website Littleborough Local.

It's good to reach one's local community which has grown considerably from the 2,000+ inhabitants when I first moved here some 20+ years ago. What was once a small village at the foot of the Pennines is now a busy, thriving town of 6,000+ and growing!

Littleborough Local provide an excellent service to its community by providing news often within minutes of it happening as well as pointing people towards many of the local services and businesses which depend on the community supporting them. I'm pleased to now be part of the website's service for the next few months.


If a reader takes the time to purchase and read my books then the least I can do is sign them when asked to. I now have to remember to carry a pen with me at all times. HAPPY READING.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Submerged in the Publicity Ocean

Part of an author's work is marketing, particularly publicity which takes a front seat just after a book has been published. It is a necessary evil in a world of "the next best thing" and so much choice that it overwhelms a potential reader. The same can be said about our food - there is so much choice when one walks through the aisles of a supermarket and yet people are drawn to fast-food because its cheaper or it's quicker, hence our pandemic of obesity and ill-health.

The comparison is harsh, I know but can it also be said about reading? With so much choice, price cuts, freebies, quick-reads - are they the easier option and do they provide the protein for our equilibrium? Our languages and words are now dumbed-down with text-speak and it's entered our everyday sentences. Libraries are closing, school-children are no longer given an external library enrolment and rely on their school libraries which offer the same fast-food children's books as well as the classic so guess which ones the kids usually go for?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for a writer to get their work out there. It joins a vast ocean of white noise and goods on offer. Publicity is vital and it depends on the author how much they wish to be involved and if it settles well with their lives, their other job or their family quality-time.

And so I am incredibly busy being swallowed by the publicity ocean but I'm pleased to say that one new website has offered me a small bay in which to anchor a piece of my publicity.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Who is behind the mask?

Photo from Video Book Trailer for STAR KEEPER by Denise Greenwood
I thought I was going to have a quiet summer BUT... I have a few weeks of promotion ahead followed by settlement of a new publisher contract and new novel CRUSHED...
THEN... work on a new novel (for which I have already done the research and ground-work). PHEW!!

The photo below is taken from the Video Book Trailer for Star Keeper. Can you guess who is behind the mask? 

There's a special effect on the trailer where the mask turns into my book.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015




If you wish to contact me then please use the Contact Form in the side bar of this website and I would be happy to answer any questions or participate in book blogger or reviewer interviews.

You can also find me at Twitter or Goodreads by using the link below.



Monday, 15 June 2015


I'm happy to announce that fully revised second editions of my contemporary fiction novels TEMPTATION and STAR KEEPER are now available as paperbacks and Kindle on Amazon.

My publisher will be retiring this year however, I will shortly announce my new book and new publisher.

Please click on images for links.
Temptation by Denise Greenwood
In a story of misunderstandings, despair and elation one man touches the lives of everyone he meets but... is he a saint or a sinner?
In a small town a colourful cast of characters chase their dreams and face their demons.  Life is strange and for one young man it becomes a living nightmare. He loses his respect, love, faith and sanity as he faces his biggest challenge. Ambition, recognition, money or... just the need to be heard and respected; the people at Cherries CafĂ©-Bar and an escapee from St. Jude's Church battle for what they think they deserve.
Entertaining, poignant, darkly comic – Temptation comes in many forms and sometimes it’s easier to succumb to it.
Star Keeper by Denise Greenwood

One man toys with the lives of his victims. Perverse and calculating, he enjoys the discomfort of others. Peeping Toms and a red-headed temptress are just a few of the unique characters in a strange story of death and scandal.
Provocative, moving and witty. A sequel to the author's first novel TEMPTATION but stands alone as an entertaining and poignant story. Star Keeper is pure escapism into other people's lives and how they hide their darkest secrets.