Thursday, 29 January 2015

There's snow problem

It snowed overnight and this morning, a light sprinkling but according to TV news and tweets you would think there was chaos everywhere. As I looked out my kitchen window this morning I thought: "What if we lived in Canada when it snowed? How would we cope?"
The snow from my kitchen window
For me this is ideal weather. I can get on with my writing. At the moment I'm pulling together the first three chapters of a new book. This will be my fourth as my third is in that magical state of "coming soon." The snow helps. It forces me to sit in front of my laptop and gazing out all I see is snow and white swirling skies. It allows me to see within, at my story, at my characters.

The first three chapters are the cornerstone to a book. They determine time, pace and setting but also the protagonist's dilemma. They draw the reader into wanting to know more. By the time the snow thaws I'll be heartily sick of reading them. I'll know it is time to close my laptop and look again at the garden without its magical sprinkling of snow, only then will I see it as it is. I'll do the same with my three chapters, I'll look at them again when I've had time to thaw from being so focussed. I will then see them as they are and not as I thought they were. It will be time to chip away at the words so that only the cusp of what I wanted to say remains. Until that happens I'll continue to look out my window and appreciate the luxury of being indoors, being immersed in my own covering of imagination as I write. Somewhere, buried in my words is the true beginning of a new novel.