Monday, 17 November 2014

Caught between rainbows

Recently I saw this double rainbow at the back of my home and it brought a touch of magic to my day. I took a photo so that I could tap into that magic whenever I wanted to. Today is cloudy, damp and windy so I looked at my photo then realized that it sums up my present situation.

double rainbow at the back of my home - Littleborough
Having worked extensively this year on revising my first two books for print then completing my third before I put it through numerous editing stages, I'm now torn between writing two very different books. One could be the follow-on from my third. One could be something in a different direction. I'm caught between my rainbows. Writing is like being caught within its beam and experiencing life through a different spectrum. Anyway... I will continue to look at my photo today and decide which rainbow I will step into.

For me, each book I write is a personal journey to somewhere just over the horizon. With each one I find a buried treasure but it is like finding a clue within it to the ultimate destination. Pushing oneself onto new ground and testing ones writing ability should be part of the course and for me, the journey is everything. I may have seen the last of the rainbows for this year as the weather turns increasingly grimmer but, what a great time of year to reflect and ensure that it ends with something new.