Friday, 17 October 2014


The last few weeks have been hectic but I'm finally coming to the end of my mammoth editing sessions. With only a couple of chapters left to go and the school half-term holidays a week away, I can look out at a beautiful Autumn morning, knowing I can soon take a breather.
What I can see from my garden today
A writer doesn't stop learning. The challenge is to continually improve ones craft. I was thinking about what I'd do when I've finished editing. After considerable thought, I knew I wouldn't be able to just stop writing, even for a break. I knew I was ready for something new last night. While watching TV, I found myself making hasty notes on a pad I keep at the side of my seat. I thought of a sentence, a short sentence, but instantly, I could visualise who would say it and when. I often wonder if a book can contain one pivotal sentence the author had in their heart when conceiving a story.  If so, then I found mine last night.

I reckon I have about 3 more days of editing to do, then.... am I the only person who has to get their house absolutely spick and span before a holiday? Physical work is a great way to focus the mind. Switching off from consciously thinking about writing, characters and story lines to focus on a task in hand, somehow brings out sudden ideas and inspirations. I would recommend it to any writer struggling to resolve an issue or who needs a thunderbolt idea.

With my first 3 books I had thunderbolt ideas, a bit like one of those dreams you can't forget upon waking. The ideas struck me suddenly and then, I was charged to get them onto paper. It is almost a tingling sensation and one I was never taught or experienced when studying literature or English language at school.  Perhaps, people from different professions feel the same way when they have found their vocations? 

And so... for now... back to a day of editing.