Thursday, 25 September 2014

Word count

Autumn has arrived and as I watch leaves fall from trees I think how apt this time of year is to my recent workload.

Word count, the writer's battle
I've decided that 2014 is my "year of editing" because that is all I seem to have done. At one point I thought of Michaelangelo who said that David was already in the stone and all he'd done was chip-away until he found him. I also wondered how long I would have to look at my stone until I decided where to place my chisel.

Word count is a strange thing. Some publishers say: "If you reduce it then you'll lose the essence of the story." Others: "Keep it under 100k because anything over is too expensive."
So - it's like being trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea. I've been chipping away and every tap of the delete key on my laptop has released a little more of my David.

I saw his face last week. My new book is precious to me and I only want to place a spotlight on it when I know I can remove the final fig leaf. My David is a departure from anything I've written before but he's taught me that I should release my dark side more often.

My son told me he'd started his Christmas list yesterday and I was shocked that it's only 13 weeks away. Time is also falling through my fingers. I know that when I've finally released David that there is another block of stone behind him. Perhaps 2015 will be his year?