Friday, 22 August 2014


I have a friend who goes abroad so often that when she returns she launders her clothes then packs them again. Her suitcase is ready for the next trip. This morning I have to pack mine. In it are the usual things but I always manage to forget something then have to buy it. I should have made a list.

After months of rewrites I'll be able to unwind but for a writer that probably means something totally different than for most people. A new place, new people, new conversations are like opening a door to a new world and through it the writer steps - open to everything, absorbing it all and then cherry-picking what to take home. It will end up in a scene, dialogue, a character's appearance or just seeing a sign above a doorway can trigger an idea.

Most of all I'm looking forward to my early morning beach walks. Watching the world busily getting ready for a new day on shore, just being a short distance away but looking at it from the sea's perspective. I know I'll be immersed in new ideas and I can almost feel the sea breeze on my face (odd! as I'm writing, I just received a tweet from a Twitter-buddy @KimSea2shore about early morning beach walks - might see you then Kim!).

And, the beauty is that when I return I can put to good use all the wonderful memories and experiences.

A photo I took on a previous trip - it reminded me of something out of Star Wars