Friday, 8 August 2014


I have had two solid weeks of juggling work, writing, school summer holiday, booking a decent holiday and having work done to the house (still ongoing). I remember a time when one of these juggling balls wasn't part of the mix - writing. Now, its a daily activity and at weekends I've had my fingers unpeeled from my laptop by my family so that I can relax.

But, as a writer, how do you explain to someone that it isn't working, it's pure pleasure?  Now, don't get me wrong, there have been days and nights when it has felt like work but that is usually during the editing and rewriting phase. The majority of the time is like sitting on a beach with a good book.  It's the same experience of being able to sit quietly and immerse oneself in a story while everyone else is running around like headless chickens. The ultimate pleasure is that the book is whatever I want it to be. It becomes a personal challenge.

Juggling work, writing and life
I have more to do. The juggling continues and with it comes a great sense of satisfaction. Being so busy, I've had a boost of adrenalin, ideas are flowing. Good things are happening.

For all writers and readers out there, I hope you get chance to sit quietly this weekend. Juggling will begin again on Monday!