Friday, 4 July 2014

As the Tour de France passes by...

There's a lot of excitement this weekend in my local village Littleborough, beginning today in Hare Hill Park.
Rock le Parc, a concert featuring indie bands takes place this evening about five minutes from my home before the onslaught of two days of the Tour de France.

According to news and relentless surmising by everyone within a 5 mile radius, the weekends activities will mean a traffic gridlock or a 'people and bike only' zone due to numerous road closures and restrictions, none of which give too much away about what to actually expect - we will see!
Advice given has ranged from "make sure you do your weekly food on any other days," "leave your car at home," to "leave your house early if you want to be part of the crowd."

It will be interesting to actually see what happens and I hope it brings only good things to the area and not the disruption and chaos gossiped about. But, such is life in a small place.

For me, it will be a weekend of something different, a break in the norm and I could do with one, having just finished rewrites of my new book.
I'm feeling satisfied, ready for a change before I begin looking at my first two books with my publisher's future print plans in mind.

Sometimes we need something bigger than ourselves, a reason for people to come together and step outside everyday concerns, routines and perspectives. I for one intend to do so whether I'm into the whole cycling scene or not. Anything that brings sport, music and excuses for good charity events is a bonus and so I for one will be grasping the occasion.

I'll let you know how the weekend goes...