Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer retreat

It's Friday morning and I've been working since 7am after a week of 12 hour days. Who says being a writer's life is easy? Writing a blog is my break this week.

I discovered recently that my first two books, Temptation and Star Keeper will go to print hopefully by the end of the year and I've been charged with taking a fresh look at them - no doubt there will be changes. I originally wrote Temptation in 2007 and Star Keeper in 2010 but then took a couple of years to rewrite and refine. A lot has happened since then and I felt my writing evolving. Before I attempt to look at them though I must finish rewrites on my third book.

And so I'm faced with a Friday of writing and when I look up from my laptop all I can see is a whole summer of rewrites. Now this may seem daunting for most folk but to me its doing something I live to do.  At least I have somewhere beautiful to write - my garden.

On top of all this I thought of another book and had to reluctantly push research notes and jottings to one side but every now and then I can't resist taking a peek at the many visuals pinned to them. It's like waiting for a Christmas present and I won't know exactly what will be in it until I begin to peel away my notes.

My garden