Friday, 30 May 2014

The car wash that could take a soul

In last week's post I talked about the day I found the perfect scene for a death. I was in the planning stage for my second book 'Star Keeper.' A few weeks later I found another, not so aesthetically pleasing but nevertheless unusual.

It was a Sunday morning. The previous night's rain had annoyingly deposited sand all over my car and I knew it would be one hell of a job to clean it off. The car wash was quiet and as I sat in the car, watching huge blue rollers spin in front of me, I had that Sunday feeling, the one when you have a whole luxurious day of doing nothing in particular in front of you.

I continued to gaze through the windscreen as the car slowly jostled along automated track but as blue rollers lowered and touched the glass a random thought struck me and then tormented me for the rest of the day.

What if a driver went into a car wash alive and well but when his car emerged on the other side he was dead? What could have happened in the few minutes in between?
The car wash where I thought of a death for Star Keeper
Sometimes, it isn't necessary to answer every question but allow the reader to be drawn into the scene and then pose the riddle. Once again, I had been presented with an ideal death scene and all that remained was to find the victim which didn't take me long to do. My characters each have a profile and destiny.

Such moments of inspiration always take me by surprise and what I relished with extra gusto that particular day was the recognition that one doesn't have to bust a gut or have long think-tank sessions in order to come up with ideas for plots or scenes. It was whenever I was distracted or thinking of everyday mundane concerns that my best ideas came to me.

I used to carry a notebook around with me but now I use my iPhone notes and photo aps. Once I'm in a quiet place I can expand ideas and I have photos to remind me of the inspirational moment. Who knows? I may end up with a scrap book full of them and what an eclectic mix it would be!