Thursday, 22 May 2014

A stunning place to die

In last week's post I described the moment I stumbled across Mephisto's grave in my local park. Later that day I had a death scene in mind as a focal point for my second book 'Star Keeper' (although at that stage it didn't yet have a title).

I needed somewhere for the scene to happen and I didn't have to wait long before I found it. A week later, sitting in the courtyard of Skipton Castle I suddenly visualized how the scene would pan out while sitting beneath a tree and looking up through dappled sunlight.

Conduit Court, Skipton Castle - inspiration for a death scene in Star Keeper
It was a glorious day and although I was reluctant to leave the castle I couldn't wait to jot down all the ideas that had come to me while there.
Skipton Castle
The sun was baking and my son desperate for a drink so before we left I took him to a small shop near the castle exit. While he was buying a drink I looked at a wooden bench outside at which a cardboard sign had been propped and it had the words: "grown in the grounds" roughly crayoned across it. Out of several pots I chose one that had a smaller sign describing it as an orange poppy and as it was only 75 pence I bought it as a memento of the day.

The poppy was planted in my garden 2 years ago and when it flowered I found it bore a beautiful almost carnation-like flower. Now, whenever it flowers, and it does profusely throughout late spring and summer, I think of Skipton Castle and its beautiful courtyard and I am instantly transported back there in my memory. Sometimes, one doesn't have to travel to wild and exotic places to find a beautiful moment.
My Skipton Castle orange poppies - a memory of an inspirational day