Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Novel Endings

I finally got to the end of Dickens 'Little Dorrit 'and whereas I prefer to close a book with a deeply satisfied sigh, I was left wanting. All the nice little parcels of conclusion were not fully tied with ribbons of closure, which was a first for a Dickens novel. I still had a bad taste of painfully-true seedy characterisation in my mouth and the good guy had to suffer the idiots around him way beyond what I expected.

Its been a week for deep thinking. First I had 'The Tree of Life' to twist my noggin and then as a complete contrast I watched 'Dinner with Schmucks.' At one point I cried with laughter once I'd gotten through all the slapstick and into the zany meal scene, one even Monty Python would have been proud of. But, again I had a bitter taste in my mouth having balked at the premise of a meal to which idiots were invited and then ridiculed under the banner of 'unusually talented.'

My next viewing choice then took me to Britain's Got Talent and I at first thought how the only thing in common with the previous film was David Walliams before realising there was more to it than that. The audience bayed for the idiots who arrived on stage convinced of a serious talent or so caught in ego that everything they did was rose-coloured.

So - endings? Do I really want my reading novels tied up with neat little bows? Do I want to share my dinner table with highbrow, like-minded people? Do I want the shining talent to always win? Truthfully - no.

Little Dorrit couldn't have ended with the complete satisfaction of A Christmas Carol. Dinner with Schmucks? - who were the Schmucks exactly? And, BGT? - without idiots it would be boring. I concluded that I had worked myself into a rut lately and it was time I mixed things up a little.

I was taught to think of Easter as an ending followed by a new meaningful beginning and with Spring now rapidly running away from me then it is time that I too had a new beginning. You may notice a few changes to my website and social media outlets during the next few weeks.
Easter 2014, so what's next?