Thursday, 6 February 2014

Publishing Pecking Order

Trying to get a book published is like that old 60s sketch "Class" with John Cleese and Co; there's a pecking order but first, you must get yourself a pedestal....

The various parties involved can use a tyre pump to inflate their pedestal at any one time during the proceedings. When first starting out, it goes something like this: -
Publishing Pecking Order
Sometimes the book will act as the type pump and then, who knows how high the pedestals will soar?

A lot of writers have chosen not to have a pedestal and therefore remove themselves from the pecking order. These writers prefer a mobile pedestal and try to do wheelies in and out of the pedestals shadows. Very occasionally they can jump over a pedestal.

Before you sit on a pedestal there is just one very important fact that can easily become overlooked if you decide to enter the pecking order or apply wheels to your pedestal - the book drives or inflates it and it can therefore inflate or deflate other pedestals.