Friday, 14 February 2014

My Bloody Valentine

I've always been conflicted about cut flowers, preferring to see them in their natural environment, alive and able to resurface year after year. A bunch is nice now and again but there's something slightly off about seeing beauty slowly fade and shrivel in a vase.

Around 15 years ago I decided to celebrate Valentines Day with a gourmet-style home-cooked meal, complete with wine and candles. We had suffered a few years of indignity at local restaurants who seemed to think that a special valentines meal consisted of a giant strawberry on a grilled steak or a plastic rose handed out as you walked in (and of course, the meals are always slightly more expensive than the norm!). Then, there's the dessert trolley, boasting names that would look apt in any Ann Summers catalogue!

On the first occasion we decided that Valentines is much better at home, I ran out at lunch time to find a semi-romantic film for us to watch after our meal. I didn't want anything too slushy and as I was extremely short of time, I ran into HMV and grabbed 'Red Rose' thinking "what an apt name for a film on Valentines Day."

Imagine my surprise when the film turned out to be a ghost/horror by Stephen King but nevertheless it was very good and so began our Valentine tradition.

Tonight we have 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter' and now that I think about it I've realised that our valentine tradition has become increasingly bloodier over the years. That may be a reflection of 20 years of marriage!
My Bloody Valentine