Friday, 21 February 2014

Finding a diamond amongst the rough

One of my favourite past times is looking for a book that will capture my attention and I usually find it when enjoying a morning stroll through a market or while perusing the overloaded shelves of some backwater store where the owner is not overly fussy about display or the order of genre.

I found an interesting bookstall in a market just over the Lancashire/Yorkshire border at Todmorden and whenever I visit I find myself drawn to many rare and unusual titles from a wide range of areas, mostly non-fiction.

I paid a visit on Thursday and I found the owner blinking against spitting icy rain and a bitter wind but as usual she still had a friendly smile and was only too happy to discuss her range of books.

As a moderator for Needful Books (an increasingly popular Google Community for readers, reviewers, authors and publishers as well as artists and photographers) I have the privilege of seeing photos of wonderful old book stores posted by members from across the globe. My own small contribution this week is a snapshot of the market stall owned by Wigan Lane Books and I have chosen it simply because I always feel a ripple of warm curiosity whenever I visit it. Sometimes, a rustic location or artistic photo is not necessary to convey the simple pleasure of running ones fingers across book covers and then being able to stop at the one that calls out to be opened. I have found some of my most interesting reads this way and often on subjects I wouldn't normally opt for.

I was pleased to hear from the market stall owner that she has a new online store too and so I would highly recommend it to any readers who have far-ranging tastes and interests.

Wigan Lane Books Online

Wigan Lane Books market stall at Todmorden