Friday, 3 January 2014

Zen and the Groundhog

Over Xmas someone asked me to sum-up my idea of "Zen" in one sentence and it had to be something most people could relate to. My answer:
"It's like the film 'Groundhog Day', I just keep trying until I get things right."

I thought about this again on New Years Eve (my thought processes greatly aided by umpteen glasses of champagne) and then again yesterday (stone-cold sober) and during what felt like my first normal day since the festivities. We all make hand-on-heart new year promises and create idealist goals for the year ahead and then, we are hit by a brick wall of reality when we have to, begrudgingly or not, return to daily routines.

Bill Murray's character had to learn the hard way how to connect with his life, with people, until he found happiness but he was forced to live the same 24 hours, repeated again and again. He had to learn to get things right and in doing so he changed. In a way, a new year stretching ahead can seem the same whether you are working or not. You know what you'll be doing and where you'll be at certain times of the year and unless you are blessed with enough money to brake boundaries or have a job you want to jump out of bed to each morning then for most its all one huge Groundhog Day. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

No matter how mundane or similar the days ahead may seem, I'll always take a leaf out of Bill Murray's book. I try to do the simple small things to the best of my ability and they may not seem much of a deal to others but when I add them together and apply the same philosophy to everything I touch, then something happens. I feel good about everything and experience a change in either myself or the "quality" of my life (a word that means a lot to me if you read one of my previous posts).

Over Xmas I heard that "Jedi" is not a recognised religion due to its increasing popularity. Perhaps I'll make "Groundhog" mine. ;D