Saturday, 28 December 2013

Who said I was difficult to buy a present for?

As hoped for, one of my Xmas presents was a book but not just a book. Its interior is filled with old-fashioned goodies for me to ponder and I must admit I'm a sucker for sifting through copies of maps and old photographs. I thoroughly enjoyed the contents of the books 'evidence bags.'

'The Case Notes of Sherlock Holmes' by Dr John Watson (tongue in cheek!) will stay by the side of my favourite armchair until I am absolutely sick of seeing it and I doubt that time will come any day soon.

The Case Notes of Sherlock Holmes by Dr John Watson

Why am I so pleased with this?

I guess its a combination: - mystery, a battle of intellects, Holmes' tortured battle with his inner demon, the relationship of two very unlikely characters and their silent bond, the romance of a bygone age, plus the author's interest in the mysteries of his time some of which are still with us today.

There are books we read and then put aside. There are books we want to read but never get round to. There are also books we are pleased to own and will treasure as part of our collections .I have a small collection and focus only on the subjects or stories that inflame my imagination and spirit. I do hope you also received a book this Xmas that encouraged an eye-creasing smile or yelp of delight as soon as you ripped the Xmas paper from its cover.