Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Xmas gift that keeps on giving

Christmas is approaching fast and no doubt thousands of books will be wrapped and ready beneath trees for the big day, if not in paper form then on eReaders. I for one will be curious to see what volume appears beneath my tree as I am a difficult person to buy for (or so I've been told!).

There is one old Christmas gift, a book it took me a few years to get round to reading, which I would be happy to see under my tree every year. I am a strong believer that some books are meant to be read at the 'right' time in ones life and this was no exception. It had sat on my bookshelf, unopened and unread and then one day I picked it up.

It was a time when I needed something to distract me from an extremely busy life, one where I was juggling all the usual things that come under the banner: 'progress' - work, family, chores, social obligations, finding time to do everything at a good standard but finding that as a consequence time passed at too rapid a rate to reap the rewards of being able to have my cake and eat it. This book made me stop in my tracks and reassess what was important to me.

I read a few pages and then, I couldn't put it down unless it was to think about what the words meant and how the author had managed to pour a distorted, almost manic beauty into the word "quality." After all, quality is what all the running around like a headless chicken was about. Finding quality in life is hard work or, is it?

What books will you get this year? Will there be one that you will hug to your person and then be able to say: "I will treasure this"? If you do receive something special and personal to you then please share. I'll also post this request on the Google Community 'Needful Books' where I am moderator and (if you are brave enough!) post a photo of the book either somewhere interesting or with something you associate with it - the possibilities are endless.