Wednesday, 10 July 2013

If you dream it, they will come...

I've always been a vivid dreamer and occasionally their imagery is so strong it stays with me for days. These are the most interesting because, either blatantly or by subtext, they are the sub-conscious wishing to get across a message to the conscious.

Most dreams I ignore as the amalgamation of too much wine, TV I've watched or something I've read or been doing that day, but the dreams that stick to me are useful and require exploration.

As an avid journal writer, my dreams deserve their own pages and by examining them, not only imagery but also emotions attached, I can come up with new ideas. I use dream imagery in my books or emotion they evoked and this inspiration serves me as a writer but it could equally apply to anyone involved in the arts, be they an artist, photographer or designer.

Some cultures believe the Gods speak to us in our dreams whereas others see them as prophecies. In our own, doctors interpret them as clues into the psyche. I pity the people who say: "I never dream."

Whether nightmares, old memories resurfacing, pleasant romps though some absurd adventure or a Dali-like menage, it's the emotion attached that counts both during and afterwards. It is the same with a good book and you can always pick it up again to relive the experience whereas, unfortunately, dreams come and go... so why not make the most of them?
My dream diaries - where they originated is important