Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I interviewed Sophie Kate of 23 Revew St...

This week I interviewed a very interesting book reviewer, Sophie Kate of 23 Review Street...

"23 Review Street was created by me; Sophie Kate because of my love for books. I live in the UK and I will be going into my third and final year at University in September. Though when I am not studying, I am reading or buying a new book, to add to my ever-growing collection."

How long have you been a book reviewer?

"I started reviewing books late last year, after my love for novels stemmed into writing reviews on sites like Amazon and Goodreads, to starting my own blog."


What pivotal moment made you think "I want to review books"?

"I loved so many books and for some of them, I couldn’t see many reviews online that gave a more interesting take on reviewing a book other than “it was a good book” and that made me want to tell people about some of the amazing books that were out there that not everyone was giving the time of day."

What is the title of your Blog and could you tell readers if you have a goal?

"My blog is called “23 Review Street” and my motto is “where books live”. I would say my goal is to make less known books more widespread and discussed online, to tell people that there is more to a book than just the cover and to explore more reading choices out there."

What are your favourite genres and why?

"I love chick-lit, romance and crime. Chick-lit because it’s a genre that usually houses comedy and funny one-liners with some drama, and that’s always a fun read. I like Romance especially, because who doesn’t love a little bit of Romance in a book? There’s nothing like a good love story. I’ve also loved the Crime genre for quite a while because I love the criminology aspect of the novel, because I study it at University, and because I love getting involved in trying to solve the crime and read between the lines of the mystery."


What is your favourite book and why?

"I love all Nicholas Sparks books, but since reading Safe Haven a while ago (before the film) I just fell in love with the novel, the characters, the plot…it was an amazing read."


What interests you most - story or characters?

"I would probably say a bit of both. The story and plot is quite important, because that’s the first thing we read about before buying a book. Though, once we’ve picked up a novel, we read about incredible characters, so both things are quite intriguing."

Who has been your greatest supporter(s) in what you are doing?

"My sister; Becca, was a book reviewer before me for about six months on her blog “Pretty Little Memoirs”, and she really helped me when I started up my blog and she also got me interested in the Young Adult genre as well and showed me how important it was to add Social Networking for my blog to get more known in the Blogger world, which helped so much. My parents were also great supporters in my blogging too!"

Has your life changed in any way since becoming a reviewer?

"One thing I noticed was the way I buy or look for books. Before, the covers were most intriguing, but now the story grips me more and I spend a lot more time not judging books by the cover. Also, since being a regular reviewer for Hodder & Stoughton, getting my blog mentioned on the Publicity announcements for a series I review for, that was a huge highlight for me."


Do you have one piece of advice to share with any budding authors?

"I would say that making a story and the characters very relatable is always something I know a lot of people look for in a novel, so writing characters that some people can empathise or understand is a quality I love in a book."