Friday, 14 June 2013

Through the Eyes of Children....Moaning Lisa

I recently saw a street busker while on holiday in Whitby. He had placed himself behind a huge framed picture of the Mona Lisa and there was a hole for his face, which was painted to perfectly blend in. The rest of his body was hidden by a long back-curtain.

At first, he stood very still against a wall while a mother with two small children tentatively approached to peer up at him. The look on the children's faces was priceless and they were then joined by a man with a dog that sniffed the curtain with distrust.

Nobody was disappointed when Mona suddenly averted her eyes downwards, taking the children completely by surprise, and he said in a very loud and camp voice: "What you looking at?" The kids screamed and ran, the dog jumped and yelped and bystanders burst into laughter. It was so obvious what was going to happen and yet the small children hadn't expected it.

For a few minutes, madness descended upon the narrow cobbled street and I felt much better for it. Within seconds the children returned, now over their initial shock and curious to see if they had reason to be truly scared. The children's faces glowed with wonderment and I couldn't help but feel my eyes water at witnessing innocence and then open acceptance; qualities soon lost and then forgotten. I overheard a couple of people grumble: "So cheesy!" and "What a waste of time."

Imagination and patience, two more qualities that are easily lost and then forgotten. I know whose eyes I would prefer to see through...