Friday, 7 June 2013

My Personal Sea of Satisfaction Must Wait....

At the end of a very eventful week it is too easy to kick-back and then allow myself to float contentedly on a sea of satisfaction. I've had a 2nd full-page feature in a magazine, received a great review for Temptation with the summation: "unique, risky and brilliant" and then seen the impact on sales. I've also felt welcomed via emails into other people's lives so that strangers have become friends.

Being a natural die-hard cynic at heart, I almost feel like Scrooge when he flung open his bedroom window on Xmas morning. But, the sea must wait and I must keep both feet on the ground; I have a book to finish.

While I writing my third book I had one thought at the back of my mind: "How will people receive this?" To my surprise, I didn't have to reach so far deep inside me to pull out the characters and story, they were beneath the surface waiting to be unleashed.

My test reader said it was "addictive" and she was disturbed by wanting to like the main character when in real life he would be seen as a devil in human form. From my pre-marital experiences, isn't that true of most volatile relationships that shape rather than crush?

During each of my books, I've taken a personal journey where I found myself questioning everything - God, society, perceptions and how ordinary lives are not so ordinary after all. I'll never forget something I read years ago: "True evil exists where it is allowed to persist without acknowledgement, like seeing something from the corner of one's eye but refusing to see it head on." People do that all the time.

Where do I go next? I have another book planned and like Topsy's hair in Uncle Tom's Cabin, the evil might just grow and grow...