Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Special Places

When I write, I put myself into the places I write about. I visualise, feel the weather on my face, look up and see my surroundings and immerse myself entirely within them. It is probably the greatest form of virtual reality there is; the physical distance between my fingers touching the laptop keys and the brightly lit screen above doesn't exist for me - I see and hear only the scene I am writing. This kind of virtual reality transcends that of a cinema experience and if a book is crafted expertly enough, the reader can experience it too.

Sometimes, I'll be somewhere and almost experience the same sensations - see a scene of literary fiction, a conversation unfold before me. One example is when we went to Skipton Castle in 2011. It was a beautiful sunny day but very breezy around the castle exterior and the "magic" happened as soon as I stepped into its inner courtyard, which was once the heart of the castle's community.

There was a stillness about it and yet the atmosphere seemed charged, like a live wire awaiting contact in order to spark and spit. I roamed throughout the castle's many winding steps, unexpected rooms and all led me back to the courtyard. A year later, I used the courtyard in my 2nd book "Star Keeper" - it was to be the scene of a tragic accident, mystery and intrigue.

Skipton Castle courtyard - I sat under the tree and soaked up the atmosphere. There's a link to Skipton Castle's website on my blog page "inspiration."