Friday, 12 April 2013

Interview with Reena of Starlight Book Reviews

I thought that an interview with a book reviewer would be interesting and helpful to writers and budding authors. Reena from Starlight Book Reviews kindly provided some insight: -
Starlight Book Reviews is a book blog created by me, Reena. I was born in Malaysia, but spent most of my childhood in Arizona. I'm currently studying for my IGCSEs but that's about all I've got planned out. I enjoy reading in my free time and if I ever enter a bookstore, you won't see me for ages. I absolutely love chatting about books so drop by my blog, I would love to talk!
Q - How long have you been a book reviewer?
I actually just started around the end of last year. That’s when I really got into reading books and found out about other blogs reviewing books!
Q - What pivotal moment made you think "I want to review books"?
Well, I can’t decide the exact moment but once I started reading and reading more, I felt like I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts towards the book. This also allows me to help other readers to choose what they want to read based on my reviews and to thank the authors for all their hard work!
Q - What is the title of your Blog and could you tell readers if you have a goal?
My blog’s name is Starlight Book Reviews and basically, the goal is to provide readers with knowledge and updates about books. I also blog about movies based on books, upcoming release dates for books, cover reveals and even read-alongs. I try to make the posts fun and interesting by occasionally adding giveaways and interviews!
Q - What are your favourite genres and why?
I typically read almost any genre but I prefer young adult as the characters are usually around my age and they are much easier to relate to. And like most people, I love a great book with a happy ending!
Q - What is your favourite book and why?
This is a tough one….but if I had to choose, it would be Divergent by Veronica Roth. This was actually the first YA book I have ever read and was the book which got me into reading. Why do I like the book? There are so many reasons but I think it has to do with the writing style and the tension. Divergent managed to keep me on edge the whole time I was reading it and the romance between the characters helped keep the book in balance. I just can’t get enough of Four and Tris!
Q - What interests you most - story or characters?
I personally feel characters are much more interesting because if you’ve got a wonderful story plot but really annoying characters, what’s the point? All you’re doing is making us annoyed. However, you do need a balance, if you have great and easy to relate to characters but a really boring story, readers will lose their attention.
Q - Who has been your greatest supporter(s) in what you are doing?
I initially started this blog without the knowledge of anyone but as time passed, I couldn’t really keep it that much of a secret anymore. I think my greatest supporters though, are my friends. They’ve helped encourage me and praised me and I think that just gave me the little push I needed to continue on.
Q - Has your life changed in any way since becoming a reviewer?
Definitely! I have a lot more work to do but it’s worth it, the end result is always a great feeling and you get to socialize more with others. You’ll find there are tons of people out there who will actually read what you post and enjoy what you’re doing! The daily routines are the same but there’s always something to look forward to blog about and it’s usually different. It’s also a great way to find the next book to read.
Q - Do you have one piece of advice to share with any budding authors?
Just keep writing, there’s bound to be some ups and downs but there will be people out there who will enjoy your books, you just have to keep trying. Also, try posting information about your books on websites such as Goodreads, we readers won’t know your book exists unless you tell us! You can even throw in a giveaway or blog tour once in a while to get more people interested!
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