Sunday, 17 March 2013

Visual Aids

One of the views from my garden
As well as keeping a storyboard, character profiles and general notes as part of my writing process, I also use visual aids.

Art, photos or just a picture from a magazine can inspire an idea for one of my characters or evoke an emotion that I wish to re-experience when I come to write a scene or dialogue.

The photo above was taken from my back garden last autumn. I remember it well, because it was a fresh, bright Saturday morning when I was too busy indoors with household chores and unloading the shopping. Then, through my kitchen window I saw the hot air balloon approaching from the distance.  I ran outside and watched as it flew nearer until I could hear its burner as it tried to ascend higher so as to avoid the church tower.

I was totally enthralled and like a kid again, waving at the people in its basket and grinning from ear to ear. It was one of those moments when routine is suddenly overtaken by a sense of magic and freedom. I like to look at it now and then just to remind me that whatever is happening within my life, it would look a whole lot better from above.