Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Littleborough Coach House - Meet the Author, Denise Greenwood

I spent last Saturday at the Coach House Littleborough as part of the local Arts Festival. I was there from 10am until 4pm but it seemed to fly by. I was in very good company as there was an Arts & Crafts fair around me and I got to meet some talented and dedicated people.

Denise Greenwood at the Coach House, Littleborough

Denise Greenwood with Tabatha Mellor

I was able to showcase my books and it was my pleasure to sign quite a few for people who came to the event. My thanks goes out especially to the people who travelled in specifically to see me and to the organisers of the event.
One lady had read all of my books and so I couldn't resist a selfie with her. Tabatha Mellor made my day.

What impressed me most about the day was that the people around me were almost like a community of old friends. Artists, demonstrators of book-binding and calligraphy, lace-making, hand-blown glass, woodwork...the list goes on. They made me feel really at home.
Sean Holsgrove, Artist

Sean Holsgrove, Artist kept was great company and he had the table behind me. A talented and down-to-earth guy who is also a teacher. Where I live artists mostly dedicate their work to landscapes as the local scenery is breath-taking but it was great to see an artist with a more expanded repertoire. His art would appeal to all ages and it had an earthy, almost magical aura.

Book-binding & calligraphy at the Coach House, Littleborough
A dying art - lace-making
This lady's fingers on the right were busy all day as she demonstrated a dying art - lace-making. She told me that she was trying to attract people to her new evening class at St Mary's Centre, Littleborough (Weds 7-9pm) and she provides everything needed. But what I didn't realise was that these classes are also therapeutic. People talk about their week, their problems and have the chance to learn a skill that will help to calm the mind.

Artist and teacher at Hopwood Hall, Rochdale

Another inspirational lady on the left - an artist and teacher at Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale.

I also had the pleasure of seeing art made from old books. Who could have asked for a more perfect way to spend their Saturday?

Art created from an old book
Art created from an old book

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Busy preparing for the Littleborough Arts Festival and the mock-up of my table is looking good. I'll be at Littleborough Coach House on Saturday, 22nd October from 10am until 4pm.
If you are in the area then call in. I'll be upstairs in the centre of the main room.
I've also had an invite to talk to the local Townswomen Guild next April.
Meet the author Denise Greenwood at Littleborough Coach House Saturday 22nd Oct, 2016
Littleborough Arts Fesitval October 2016 - Meet Denise Greenwood on the 22nd
While I prepare this is the view from my home in Littleborough. I'm glad not to be in fine rain but it looks so beautiful with sunshine trying to break through it. This is one of my favourite times of the year.
Littleborough as seen on an Autumn day from my home

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Summer Price Drop Offer

There will be a special Amazon Kindle price drop promotion on the books Temptation and sequel Star Keeper commencing Monday 22nd August for SEVEN DAYS ONLY.
During this period readers will be able to purchase Kindle books for 99 pence (or equivalent in US and European currency).
I look forward to reading your reviews.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Sea Breeze - Littleborough & Shaw Magazine

My story in the August/September edition of The Littleborough & Shaw Magazines. I hope you enjoy this follow-up to the summer theme from last month.

Sea Breeze
'So, what will you have?’ The bar-tender gave me a friendly smile then looked at me as though it was more than a simple question. It floored me for a moment.
‘I’ll have a Sea Breeze.’ His eyebrow arched. I watched him mix my drink then took in my surroundings. The night air was warm and the beach before me deserted. I hadn’t noticed this small bar on the edge before. On the other side was room enough for the bar-tender and a mirrored shelf of bottles. On my side, three stools. I sat alone. I’d stopped on a whim.
‘So, I asked, what will you have?’ The bar-tender placed my drink before me then gave a quizzical look.
‘One drink will be fine for now,’ I smiled weakly, not sure what he’d meant.
‘But it’s not what you really want.’ I stopped sipping and knew I looked worried. He stared at my expression.
‘I’m only here for one night.’
The man’s smile vanished. ‘Tell me what you really want, what your heart desires.’
I stood up. ‘What do I owe you for the drink?’ I wouldn’t look at him.
‘Nothing,’ he replied. ‘But, if you want something then now is your only chance to ask. Sit and enjoy your drink and when you’re ready you can tell me.’ He turned to pick up a glass then began to polish it. I sat and picked up my drink. Now, I couldn’t take my eyes from him. For once I was dumbfounded. Then, maybe the drink gave me courage.
‘I don’t know what I want.’ And, I truly didn’t. I’d come to this place to find out. A holiday away from the drudgery was supposed to provide answers.
‘Let me make a suggestion,’ the bar-tender offered. ‘For the next 12 nights come to this place at 10pm. This will be your bar until 2am. Ask whoever stops to have a drink, what they want and it will happen when they return home. At the end of the 12 nights I will return and you must then tell me what you want.’
I couldn’t believe what he told me. ‘What if I drink your bar dry?’ The bar-tender’s smile widened.
‘You could do that but your wish won’t be granted.’ I stood then turned away to count coins in my palm. I wouldn’t leave without paying but when I turned with an outstretched hand the man and bar wasn’t there.
I returned the next night. I took my place and made myself a Sea Breeze. I needed it. My first customer arrived at 10.15pm. I stayed until 2am and then the bar disappeared around me. For 12 nights I manned the bar. I listened to people tell me their wishes which ranged from winning the lottery to just finding power or peace. Some spoke of revenge or rekindling lost love. All told me their innermost wishes while I served drinks. All were incredulous when I told them that their drinks were free and their wishes would come true. It was the former they really couldn’t believe. Some returned drunk to their hotel and villas whereas some left after their first drink. I think I heard all of mankind’s woes and expectations. For 12 nights I then asked myself what I really wanted.
At the end of the twelfth night I waited. At 2am the bar-tender appeared with two Sea Breezes. We each took a stool and stared at the space behind the bar where I had stood. ‘Well? What will you have?’
It was surreal. I pinched myself. ‘Nothing,’ I sipped my drink then looked him in the eye. ‘After 12 nights of hearing what people want then what they’d do with it I’m ready to go home.’
‘Can I interest you in a job?’ The bar-tender smiled and close-up his face suddenly seemed younger.
‘I’m more of a day person,’ I replied then smiled too. ‘Don’t you get fed-up of doing this? Do people actually get what they want?’
He looked into his glass and swirled its contents to watch its reflections change. It seemed like an age before he spoke. ‘You gave me 12 night’s holiday. That’s more than I’ve had for a centuries and, yes, people get what they want but only to a certain extent then later, they realise it wasn’t what they’d really wanted. You’re the first person to realised you are happy with what you already have.’
I stretched out my hand and he took it. I shook his. ‘Thank you for an interesting experience.’
‘And thank you. That job will be waiting for you.’
It was a good thing I’d finished my drink because my glass, the bar-tender and his bar disappeared.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Something Different for Your Weekend

To escape the gloom and doom of newsreels and if you like something "different" for your weekend then you can now read the opening to my novels Temptation and Star Keeper here...

Opening to Temptation by Denise Greenwood

Opening to Star Keeper by Denise Greenwood

I'll look forward to reading your reviews.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Summer Breeze - Littleborough & Shaw Magazine

This month's magazine story.
I carried around this idea in my notebook since last year. It came from a dream I had when longing to be on a sunny beach and listening to waves as they crashed on the sand. While writing it I found myself in a holiday mood and hoping the UK summer would be more than wet and humid. Well...you can't have everything but, you can dream. Enjoy!

Summer Breeze by Denise Greenwood, The Littleborough & Shaw Magazines